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Divine Life Alchemy

Soul, Spiritual, Emotional and Health Guidance
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Divine Life Alchemy

HI all, Welcome to Divine Life Alchemy (The new website as of Jan 2024 site in beta phase!)

Divine Life Alchemy is a holistic pathway to living with a deeper harmony with our souls highest calling and the greater world around us.

In todays world it seems there is a big need for spiritual alchemy and the process of finding the light within, many are searching and in truth that search starts within!

Beyond our collective wounds lies a place of deeper understanding and infinite power, when we see this clearly our most difficult challenges become our greatest teachers putting us back into the path of our destiny timelines. 

This process is a deep soul led quest and unfolding…not a small task!

The website here is dedicated to this unfolding mission where I offer my own expressions of truth, healing music and healing sessions.

Learning from the wisdom of nature and applying it to our lives.
ancestral healing
Healing with spirit and our ancestors to bring love to past events.
Life foods for Vibrancy, soul energy and Health.
Learning how to relate to others on a deeper level.
Customised sound healing sessions.
lots of blog articles to check out!

Sound Healing - Audio Recordings & Meditations

I offer here some free to download and listen to audio recordings designed to heal, relax and open you up to your inner soul wisdom.

About Riki

Riki Buckingham is a truth seeker, sound alchemist, psychic intuitive and visionary singer/songwriter who holds a deep passion for planetary evolution.

As well as offering healing sessions and workshops, this website, its blog and social media platforms hold a space to really expand and speak without shame and without fear, the content here will not be watered down!

With an energetic and emotive voice, shamanic vocal sounds Riki moves emotion in audiances

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Here's clients say about this deeper work.

I have had the good fortune to know Riki for about 15 years now. In that time I have seen him grow into a very competent and compassionate healer. He is one of the rare individuals who truly ‘walk their talk’.
Riki’s passion about raw foods and eating to stay in balance and resonance with Mother Earth and ones own Spiritual/Soul-knowing is beautiful and inspiring, as well as truly life-changing and health-enhancing. If you are wishing to (for example) break past addictions, heal from health complaints or raise your vibration to new levels, his understanding in these areas is invaluable.
Aside from the food and well-being understanding Riki has, he is also a powerful empath and intuitive. He picks up on psychic messages, often from a persons wounded soul-aspects, to help understanding, healing and reconciliation. Personally, he has helped me deeply in understanding, coming to terms with, and processing past trauma that had resulted in complex post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms for many years. His ability to compassionately hold space for difficult emotions to be seen, acknowledged or expressed has been truly helpful and Soul-affirming. I am very grateful for his love and his support.
I am happy, and honoured, to recommend him if you would like some insight into your life situation, advice on how to live in a higher vibration or a trustworthy companion whilst you venture through difficult areas of your life and Soul-path experiences.
He is a beautiful person with a deep commitment to bringing truth, empowerment and healing onto this troubled planet. His music is also very powerful and healing and helps raise the vibration wherever he is playing. I recommend listening to that too especially if you are unable to work with him one-to-one.
I wish him much love and blessings as he brings his gifts to help others now. He is a true friend to have on your journey.
Kathrin Atkinson
Riki, is an empowered and illuminated soul. who recognises the intrinsic goodness in all things in existence and that he is a fractal of that universal experience. What you radiate here is a call to action that only those with eyes to see and ears to hear will heed the call and be motivated to action. The underlying key to the ancient shamanic wisdom that you speak of is to tap into the morphic field and the hive mind to better understand how telepathic communication can bridge all elemental sectors of human conscious behavior to arrive completely detached and aligned to the higher divine realms in which the toxic residue of the third density mutant paradigm and expression of duality no longer exists. Well done for sharing such a concise and intelligent insights to support the human family's growth today.
Mike Puskas
Frequency Composer -

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