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2023 lion transmission sharing

When we can reflect back to ourselves, and others, our true authentic essence and unique frequency, instead of the mirrors of the matrix, then we are really freeing us, and those around us, to do the same.

We are then tapping into the primordial rhythms of energy that were here before the matrix duplication programming.

As a child, we learned to duplicate what we saw to stay safe, protected, understood and accepted.

In losing ourselves, and our ability to tap into our authentic ID, we took on the mask of duplicating what we see, instead of broadcasting our true uniqueness and soul essence.

Our unique frequency ID connects us to the joy of the cosmos and to the earth with our personal connection and safe space where we can go to regenerate ourselves with OUR codes.

It is grounded and rooted, yet cosmic and expansive … Knowing the value in all things, all-encompassing and not excluding.

Through embodied awareness, we create a safe space around the jaggedness of any trapped emotions able to hold the space for what comes up to be healed, we also draw out the inherent joy that is to be found in being alive and in this body!

With lion courage we may break out of all scripts and learnt behaviors, broadcasting our uniqueness. It can be done in a gentle way or as a lion’s roar. It’s up to us.

When we express and do it in a healthy way, it does not expend all of its energy in doing so. Healthy expression fills one’s own cup, and inspires others.

It expresses from the truest place with right timing! It does so joyously. Not from ego, or inner child wound, but from deeper knowing that this is the best time, just as the plants and crops each know when to come up.

When the timing and energy is right then everything flows! In this way life becomes a dance, and survival fears no longer dictate the future path.

When our body system is calm and safe, when our inner child is nurtured and playful, we expand and transmit our truest, most authentic, expression. We protect our aura, and energetic space, from the matrix control program and cultural conditioning, freeing us from recreating the same old patterns, which are old and outdated for humanity now.

We alter our timelines bringing in New inspiration and possibilities; and through the alchemy of healing, and embracing our true light, we put ourselves onto our destiny and higher timelines.

In order to find our true essence, sometimes we have to remove ourselves temporarily from all influence of unhealthy people, interference and situations; which is why the primordial blueprints of nature become so important to reconnect with in this process.

With so much going on on the planet it’s ok to draw on mother nature right now.

The mass consumption, extreme globalization, and the over-use of natural resources we’ve seen over the past years will end; as in future years, we will instead learn the art of cultivation, of finding inner balance, creating workplaces that are more nurturing and balancing to the human nervous system.

The old system is dying, and instead of focusing on what we don’t like about it, and trying to fight it, we are really being called right now to take responsibility; to create and manifest into reality the dreams we hold of a more healthy and sustainable world.

There is no longer time to waste energy on resenting the old systems, but instead, redirect that fire energy towards creating the solution. This is why we are being so called to do the inner work too! The more we heal, and transform, the more we will find solutions to the bigger picture too.

The collective wound and shadow hold the answers and antidote

For many of us our shadow holds our greatest light, joy and power

As time goes on, it will become clearer what truly serves a human on the deepest levels, and what has become a false light; and in this age, we are really wanting to know the difference!

At this time the human collective has to realize what are true needs, and what is surplus to requirements; what in our social and societal systems has become outdated and toxic, with an increased awareness as to what truly nurtures the human being instead.

Societal frameworks are built upon, and are a reflection of, energy imprints first and foremost. The systems we see in this world are built upon energy dynamics; any town is only as good as the energy of its people and the land.

We lay down energy grids and patterns in the places we live by our behaviors, beliefs and experiences

If we are brave to broadcast our souls authentic ID then we can break down, on the energy level, the unhealthy, stagnated and outdated energy grids and form more harmonic patterns and healthy behaviors that nurture the whole, the collective.

For humanity to come together, we have to be able to bring out the inner power and light within each other, and gently shine light on the collective shadow, making it a place that is accepted and loved, not shamed and shunned.

The message today is it’s ok to go slow and gentle, it’s ok to prioritize, it’s ok to say no and have boundaries, it’s ok to preserve your energy and learn to use it at the right timing.

Slow down and listen to the wisdom of your ancestors, who have grown since they have been in spirit and wish to impart wisdom if we can slow down enough to receive it!

Real connection is everything and nature, and the way she works is a great example of this.

Listen to mother earth and what she is telling us, listen to father and mother tree and what they can teach us, look at the stars and open to the expansive wisdom and downloads they carry.

Most importantly listen to your own unique essence, and let it be your guide.

All of this is an antidote to this technology-driven world, Artificial Intelligence and globalization we are currently seeing.

Great spirit are waiting for you to be brave and to step into “your” unique calling and bring your codes to this planet, to refresh the collective. Be lion-proud and stand up ❤

We are birthing the new, and like the snake shedding the layers of skin, it’s a slow process, so as to not agitate the collective too much. So gently does it!

The universe has always been broadcasting, and if we are willing to listen we will be rewarded for taking the time to truly hear the messages before taking the next steps.

Open up to new ways! The universe and stars hold a cosmic order and can transmit those blueprints for us on Earth so we can implement more advanced ways of living that work for the benefit of ALL!

With Blessings and love

Riki Buckingham

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