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John Bradshaw’s talk on shame

John Bradshaw’s classic, strong and sometimes uncomfortable speech on the topic of Shame and Toxic shame is essential and important information for many.

I remember watching this back in 2005 at the beginning of my healing and spiritual path knowing that it was relevant and that I needed to take heed.

In 2024 it’s even more relevant to me to encourage, work through and understand toxic shame in humanity and our relationships.


Healthy Shame vs Toxic Shame

Multi-Generational Patterns

Shame, Hiding and Anxiety, suppressed anger

Shame as a basis of addiction

Collecting injustices, name-calling, comparing/favouritism, inner critic

Sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment

Dysfunctional families and Hiding secrets

Over functioning, high achieving in order to hide from shame

Being ready for children, ready to be a parent

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