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Divine Life Alchemy – First Meeting Recording (2024-01-28)

Divine Life Alchemy with

YouTube Recording (Please support us on Rumble linked below too)

Divine Life Alchemy – First Meeting Recording (2024-01-28)

Hi all on this page, so here is our first meeting and a chance to get to meet us. we will be doing more videos that are sometimes like this and other times less intense and more gentle in nature

Speaking are
Riki Buckingham
Kathrin Atkinson
Mike Puskas

Thank you both for your wisdom and being!

Crystal bowl sounds introduction (sorry about the sound quality)

The Simplicity of nature in our life in the age of information

If the intention is pure of heart, inanimate and animate objects will work to create a co-creative space with us

Emotion from trauma and suppression and the other side of emotion as a transmission from a deeper intelligence

Trusting our intuition and untangling ourselves from chaos energy

Discernment in media we consume in 2024

Trauma and the wound of Rejection, self-love and self-regulating the nervous system in the modern world

More self-love

Letting go of the agenda, finding the magic and being authentic and playful.

Non-Reactance when emotionally triggered

Emotional Gravity and the significance we give to experiences

Emotional alchemy – clearing the channel

Becoming consciously entangled with the energy field of the places you visit

Hijacking and matrix inversions, negative projections

Glastonbury and its catalyst, unhealthiness

Past lives

Scrying into ancient timeliness and unlocking them

Rumble Recording

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