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Divine Life Alchemy – Second Meeting Recording (2024-02-11)

Divine Life Alchemy with

Riki Buckingham
Kathrin Atkinson
Mike Puskas

Thank-you both for your wisdom and being!


What Is Alchemy?
Chaos energy in our everyday human reality
Divine Alchemy
The loss of a loved one and the attachment to them, letting go of what we are attaching to.
Awakening, reverse engineering the matrix programming
Understanding the viewpoints of other souls without judgement
Self-Worth and Social Media
Empowerment through recognising the weak spots in our shadow and personality
Leaving the drama victim game and owning what is underneath it
The importance of recognising that on an energetic level, humanity has been repeating cycles that go back generations and how it is the energetic work that needs doing to break them.
That which is unhealed we tend to project

Unplugging from the matrix, taking moments to catch our breath and leave fight/flight/freeze/fawn mode
The perspectives that living in the wild give and its effects on the DNA and the way you can feel
Justice, Punishment, retribution and revenge
That which we alchemise we will no longer repeat
The natural spirit on the planet
Soul validation, speaking our deepest truth
Compassionate witnessing and validation
Crystal Bowl Outro

Here is the Rumble version


Divine Life Alchemy is a holistic pathway to living within a deeper harmony with our soul’s highest calling integrating the depth of who we are.

In today’s world, it seems there is a big need for spiritual alchemy and the process of finding the light within, many are searching and in truth that search starts within!

Beyond our collective wounds lies a place of deeper understanding and infinite power, when we see this clearly our most difficult challenges become our greatest teachers putting us back into the path of our destiny timelines.

This process is a deep soul-led quest and unfolding…not a small task!

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