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England’s Spring 2024 and releasing all that does not serve!

Spring is here 🌼 and with so much going on on the planet right now perhaps its a time to recognise nurture and encourage a blossoming of everything that really means something to the depths of who we are.

A time to call forth and honour everything that permeates and sustains life and true love and a time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Lovely tree in blossom near Aldington, Kent

This was the process of my entire 30’s and I’m still in it still sifting through, still finding where my energy needs to be put and where it’s being lost, it becomes more important in your 40s

In a world of AI, Distractions, addictive phone scrolling, temptations, dissipated core energy etc your uniqueness is an antidote that is now needed more than ever.

It seems Conscious awareness, deep presence, nature and true connection have never been such a precious, needed and valued medicine.

Perhaps it is only through our loss of life, our winter, the loss of our personal power, the taking over and self obsorbtion in the artificial, our collective soul fragmentation, the loss of or forgetting of, disregard of those precious things that the natives have call sacred, that will we truly learn to respect and rekindle and apreciate the deeper value they hold.

As I have realised lately its not until you experiance loss that you truly realise the value.

The simple things. Community, a lover, the natural world, our rivers, our lakes, the creatures, the trees and the sentient world.

As Joni Mitchel said
Don’t it always seem to go. That you don’t know what you’ve got. Till it’s gone.

Its very clear that in my life loss was the great humbler, loss can break you, rip you open, shut you down, but within that breaking is a great dissolving of all that holds no weight and all that seems artificial.

Perhaps now in 2024 is a time to drop and find all that hinders the souls calling so that we may see clearly, truly clearly, so that the precious gift of life is lived with the most meaning and purpose and the gift we have of being born into this planet is not taken for granted and that our time here is used wisely.

With love, devotion, dedication and surrender to our purpose we anchor in that which is truly nurturing and sustaining, that which leads to longer-term results rather than quick buck profit and quick emotional fix.

May we find true healing and processing, true resolution of generational trauma, true forgiveness, real clarity and understanding to the issues the people and the world is facing


May we find true resolution of age-old cycles

May we find a true balm to tend to the yearning of our hearts and the hearts of others.

May there be peace where there is war ❤

Love to share these posts…Even though its more words in an incredibly wordy world !!!!

As always aiming to grow and evolve more and more

Sometimes we need a paradigm shift, a quantum leap and thats where I am right now

Know that it’s always within reach

But it will take persistence and dedication

Faith that if you make the leap the universe will have your back 🌞

Something bigger than climbing a mountain ⛰

But done with love

Being willing and ready to learn

Listening as much as talking

Listening for direction

A fire of courage in the heart

And know that if you truly want it

If you yearn for it enough

To find your souls path

To find the meaning

To find resolution

To meet god/goddess/great spirit family

The next level up is always being shown to you and you will be shown your pathways

I believe, I always did but my god I lost faith so many fucking times along the way.

Still here! So
RISE soul people x

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